How I'd Wear It: Roller Disco Dress






Whatcha Wearing?
Sequined dress available here in my Etsy shop
Wrist band from American Apparel
Roller Skates from Modell's

Isn't this dress so much fun? Just perfect for roller skating with it's flowy, full skirt! And yes, I'm a grown woman who owns her own roller skates. I've loved skating ever since I was a little kid strapping these to my sneakers, but I didn't own a pair that fit my adult feet until about six years ago. It was less than a year after I moved to Brooklyn, and I was looking to make some friends when I happened upon a blog post about a roller skating club near where I lived. Needless to say I bought skates that weekend (along with this wrist band) and was there the following week. Sadly the club is no longer together, but I did make a really good friend in the process. In fact, I'm heading back to the east coast next weekend for her wedding. Roller skating: bringing friends together since 2006!

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  1. rollerskates are so cute and vintage! socute :)


  2. I love the sequins on that dress. And I'm pretty sure roller skating is fun no matter how old you are!

  3. Very cute dress! And I owned my own roller skates for years! Unfortunately they got sold years ago since we didn't have any extra space in our teeny tiny apartment! ;) Now days I get to enjoy teaching my little dude to skate!

    1. I've met a few people who never learned to skate as kids, and that makes me so sad. I'm glad to hear your little guy is skating away!

  4. You Looking too Exquisite.And from my points of view this dress is only made for you.good luck......
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