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So it appears that this week I took a lot of photos of what I was eating and things I was working on. You can follow me on Instagram @chrissiburn.

Path of Life by De L'Esprie @ Culver City Senior Center / The Kamikaze at Fiesta La Ballona
Homemade Pad Thai / Blonde Comets at Oldfield's
New dresses in the works for my Etsy shop / Silhouette from the balcony
Vintage purses coming soon to the shop / Strange lunch I made out of random ingredients 


How I'd Wear It: Roller Disco Dress






Whatcha Wearing?
Sequined dress available here in my Etsy shop
Wrist band from American Apparel
Roller Skates from Modell's

Isn't this dress so much fun? Just perfect for roller skating with it's flowy, full skirt! And yes, I'm a grown woman who owns her own roller skates. I've loved skating ever since I was a little kid strapping these to my sneakers, but I didn't own a pair that fit my adult feet until about six years ago. It was less than a year after I moved to Brooklyn, and I was looking to make some friends when I happened upon a blog post about a roller skating club near where I lived. Needless to say I bought skates that weekend (along with this wrist band) and was there the following week. Sadly the club is no longer together, but I did make a really good friend in the process. In fact, I'm heading back to the east coast next weekend for her wedding. Roller skating: bringing friends together since 2006!

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Fiesta La Ballona








Whatcha Wearing?
Dress (unknown brand) from Buffalo Echange
Belt from Crossroads Trading Co
Vintage backpack from an estate sale
Sunglasses from Brick Lane Market in London
Socks from H&M
Altama Army boots from Goodwill

Matt and I headed over to the Fiesta La Ballona in Culver City on Saturday. The festival, celebrating the region's early settlers, has been taking place annually since 1951. The weather was perfect, and we had a blast! I love old school carnival rides, so we were sure to take a spin on the Kamikaze and Tilt-a-Whirl. The Ferris Wheel, however, was skipped. One of my biggest fears is riding ferris wheels, and I can't tell you how many times I've ridden them only to completely freak out in the process. I just don't like to be up that high while moving so slow...crazy, I know, but I can't help it! We also devoured some fried pickles. Mmmmm...fried pickles.

This backpack is pretty much my new favorite thing. I found it a couple weeks ago at an estate sale and just had to keep it for myself. It's perfect for carrying around my camera. Plus, the fun colors! Also, it has a secret zippered section in the side which is great for stashing my wallet and sunglasses without them getting lost in the big main compartment. I think it'll be getting a lot of use.

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New in the Shop: Etsy

70s Kelly Green Linen Dress

70s Leaf & Polka Dot Secretary Dress

70s Red Preppy Dress

80s Purple Jordache Dress

These dresses are all new in my Etsy shop! I'm just loving the fall vibes I get from the two purple ones, especially the tie neck secretary dress. Can't you just imagine it with some tall brown boots? Perfect. It also has this super cute leaf and polka dot print that you can see better in a closeup if you click through to the Etsy listing. Okay, back to work getting some accessories ready to be listed!


Instagram: Food for Thought

So this week I learned that if you hashtag your photos, a lot more people see them! Duh. You can follow me on Instagram @chrissiburn.

Clothing coming soon to my Etsy shop / Mending away!
Cat asking politely for some steak / New basket and lights for my bike
A little mid-week Springsteen on vinyl / Sweet potato fries from Overland Cafe
Amazing cocktails at Oldfield's / Cat enjoying the box our new Ikea dresser came in


New in the Shop: Style.ly



I only added one new item to my style.ly boutique this week, but it's a cutie! Anyone need a new party dress? It might just be me, but the black & white color palette is just asking for some brightly colored tights!


How I'd Wear It: Oddball Print Shirt






Whatcha Wearing?
Vintage sheep print shirt available here in my Etsy shop
Tights c/o We Love Colors
Vintage blazer from Goodwill (cat hair sold separately)
Soda boots from Shoe Carnival a million years ago
Rings from Day-Lab

I've pretty much been living in these shorts for the past week. How did I go this far in life without a pair of black denim cutoffs!? They're so comfortable and they go with pretty much anything. Case in point, this week's 'How I'd Wear It'. I didn't even have to change out of them for the photo shoot!

I know you can't tell based on all the layering I have going on here, but it's still pretty hot in LA. Just think of this as a little fall fashion preview. I always look forward to fall dressing this time of year, but I'm still not completely sure how that works here in my new home city... When (if ever) do I get to bust my tights back out? One good thing here is it seems like I can wear boots pretty much year round. It always cools down quite a bit in the evening.

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Factory Girl






Whatcha Wearing?
Monki tank top from Beacon's Closet
Jeans from H&M that I cut into shorts
Vintage boots from Salvation Army
Cuff from Buffalo Exchange
Sunglasses from American Eagle

I love how the pattern on this shirt has a stylized city with a factory expelling what looks like ink bubbles. What does that mean? What exactly are they producing in that factory? Is it safe? These are all very pressing questions about my shirt...

There were a lot of people in the alley today as we were walking over to the graffiti wall, and one guy decided to follow us and stare at me as we took photos. I really hate that. The look on my face in the last picture is when I had just about enough. I just feel so awkward when people watch me taking outfit photos. Mostly because, to someone who doesn't read these types of blogs, it much seem like the most ridiculous activity ever. Or maybe that's just my perception of the situation and I need to get over it. For whatever reason, I was much more comfortable taking photos back in Brooklyn. Oh well, adapt or die!

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New In the Shop: Etsy

60s Pink Cape/Skirt Set
70s Beach Coverup

70s 3 Piece Linen Set

70s Sheep Blouse

80s Silk Wrap Dress

I just listed these great new items in my Etsy shop today! I thought the first cape set was a really cool find. When I brought it home, the first thing Matt said was "Dolores Umbridge". I guess that makes it even better! If you know anyone looking for a great Professor Umbridge costume for Halloween, send them my way!

I think my favorite of this group is the 70s blouse with the sheep. I just have a feeling there's more of a story that goes with this print than I'm aware of. Does it ring any bells with you guys? I don't know, there just seems to be something mythological happening there...


Instagram: Daily Grind

Another week in photos, as recorded on my iPhone. You can follow me on Instagram @chrissiburn!

Cat wanting to get in on the awesome taco action / Coconut water straight from the source
Big beer or tiny hands? / Sunset over the Santa Monica Pier
Freshly baked oatmeal cookies / Cat trying to drink the end of a glass of milk
Retro dry cleaning hanger from an estate sale / Editing photos for the Etsy shop


Twilight Concert






081712_6 copy



We decided to check out the Twilight Concert at the Santa Monica Pier last night once we heard that Amadou & Mariam were playing. If you've never heard them, you should totally check them out. Great stuff! As you can see, we had an absolutely gorgeous evening. I actually think this is the first time we've been down at the beach at sunset since moving to LA. Anyway, after the show we ducked into a bar down by the beach where we were served beers in the kind of plastic container usually reserved for the large wonton soup at a delivery Chinese restaurant. Lets just say they were bigger than we expected! After that, we took a stroll along the Third Street Promenade, which is pretty much a huge outdoor mall, but there were a few good street musicians that we listened to for a bit. A pretty good night if you ask me!


New in the Shop: Dotty for Polka Dots



I just listed these two super cute polka dotted dresses in my Style.ly boutique. Hurry on over if you like them. I get the feeling that these won't last very long!

The second one is actually one of my tried and true going out dancing dresses. That dress has witnessed the drinking of countless gin & tonics. Oh, the debaucherous tales it could tell of my youth! I still remember the day I found it while thrifting with my friend Janice back in Cincinnati about 8 years ago. Major score! I wonder what else we found that day, but I'll never remember since that dress overshadowed everything. BTW, I'm listening to the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack while putting together this post. In some ways this music seems intricately intertwined with this dress. Ah, but I could probably say the same thing about Pulp's Common People. Oh, memories! I'll stop now before I talk myself out of selling it...


How I'd Wear It: Sheer 70s Dress

081512_1 copy

081512_2 copy



Whatcha Wearing?
Vintage dress available here in my Style.ly boutique
Shoes from Payless (Isabel Toledo)
Whistle necklace & bracelet from Day-Lab

This was my first time trying this dress on, and after doing so it's hard to keep it for sale in my shop! It's so great for summer and will transition seamlessly into fall with some boots and a cardigan or jacket. 

You may have noticed that I regularly mention a place called Day-Lab in my outfit listings. It was this amazing online store that sold vintage, often times deadstock, jewelry. Notice that I write "was". It closed down a while back, which was a huge distress after a large portion of my collection was stolen a couple years ago. Amy really found the best stuff, and it was always very reasonably priced. I was a frequent customer! Luckily my most prized pieces were with me when my apartment was robbed, so all wasn't lost. Although once you lose a piece of vintage jewelry, odds are you aren't going to be able to replace it...