Instagram: On the Road Again


We had an amazing time when our friends Janice and Andy came to visit last week! We took day trips to Joshua Tree National Park and Santa Barbara, stopped off at El Matador State Beach, and checked out some art at the Getty Center. You can follow me on Instagram @chrissiburn.

The Pee Wee's Big Adventure dinosaurs in Cabazon, CA / Getty Center on a beautiful day
Janice exploring at El Matador / The view of Palm Springs from Joshua Tree
Alter at El Presidio de Santa Barbara / Matt sniffing the wine at Oreana Winery
Matt and Andy climbing a sand dune in the mist / New holiday packaging for my Etsy orders!


Orange You Glad...




I received my pics from the Vidal Sassoon photoshoot! The copies they gave me weren't retouched, so I used my (admittedly limited) Photoshop skills to touch up some of the weirder things happening with the thick makeup and intense lighting. Pretty cool! Maybe I'll get to do it again in a few months for a whole new look...

So which one of you wants to try out the neon pink V above your lip as an everyday look?

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Bright Tights & Fall Finds: Part 2




Here's part two of my guest post from last week over at ColorBlind. If you're a big thrifter like I am, you should check out her weekly link up, Thrifters Anonymous!

For my second look, I decided to keep it a little more casual. Flat brown boots are an absolute fall basic for me and I scored these beauties at Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn a few years ago. They've been through one resoling and are still looking great! My brown vintage top and J. Crew wool cardigan were both Goodwill finds, and the cute plaid H&M shorts are from Buffalo Exchange. And what could give this outfit a little extra pizzaz better than these burnt orange tights?

My rule for buying new clothes is to always check the thrift stores and second hand shops first. With just a little extra effort you can save so much money, and with all that saved money you can buy more clothes! Or an amazing dinner out! Or go to the movies! The possibilities are endless...


Bright Tights & Fall Finds: Part 1



Whatcha Wearing?
Vintage dress from Buffalo Exchange / Belt from Goodwill
Tights from Gap / Shoes from Payless

This week I'm going to share the guest post I did over at ColorBlind in two parts. 

I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorite fall thrifting finds. Now fall is the one season of the year when I find myself gravitating toward the color brown. There's just something about the cooling weather and changing light that calls out for earth tones! I found this vintage secretary dress at Buffalo Exchange about six years ago and I get so excited to bust it out every autumn. There's just something about the cut and the tiny polka dots that make it a perfect layering base. Here I decided to keep it simple with a jade green snakeskin belt I picked up at Goodwill ($2.99!) and my trusty mustard tights. You know that I can't just put together some earthy colors and call it a day. There must be some bright tights to finish the whole look!

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New in the Etsy Shop & Cyber Monday Discount

Floral Stripe Sweater
Plus Size Plaid Holiday Dress
Eyelet Sweater Vest
Tropical Halter Dress
How perfect would that last dress be for a winter tropical vacation? It has me dreaming of palm trees and...oh wait, I have some of those right outside my window! I may live in a city without winter, but if you don't, you should get this dress for your holiday travels! I'm actually looking forward to a few days of cold and possibly snow when I travel to Cincinnati for Christmas next month. I'm sure I'll change my tune as soon as I walk out into it though...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry, I'm a vegetarian, so I had to post that. And that's the end of my semi-judgmental (not really) message! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Thanksgiving with their family and/or friends!

I have a guest blog up over at ColorBlind today. This is my first ever guest blog, so I'd love for you to head over there and check it out! I'll probably post the outfits next week over here as well.

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How I'd Wear It: Dark Florals


Whatcha Wearing?
Vintage dress available here in my Etsy shop
Sweater from Target / Boots from Beacon's Closet
Socks from H&M / Necklace from Buffalo Exchange

This one's going to be short and sweet. I have friends in town and will be out and about for the rest of the week!
Don't you just love the dark floral print on this dress? I wish I could wear it for Thanksgiving on Thursday, but it's already listed in the shop! Who's going to take it off my hands before I change my mind? I just love how it could work for any season...

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New in the Etsy Shop

Dark Floral Dress
Navy & Green Striped Dress
Red & Burnt Orange Paisley Blouse
Textured Stripe Terrycloth Shirt
Arrow Print Shirt
Striped Knit Maxi Dress
Velvet Party Dress
Sheer Pleated Dress
There are so many fun prints in this week's batch! I think my favorite is the dark floral dress at the top. Someone buy it before I keep it for myself! I'm also pretty much in love with the sleeves on that black velvet party dress. How awesome would it look for a holiday party or New Year's Eve? The person wearing that would definitely make a statement!


Instagram: Long Time Coming


I just realized I haven't done an Instagram post in a while, so this is a mishmash of things from the past few weeks. You can follow me on Instagram @chrissiburn.

I also wanted to let you guys know that I'm running a sale in my Etsy shop this weekend to celebrate four months in business! You can use coupon code 4MONTHS10 at checkout for 10% off your order. Enjoy!

Reese's Pieces from our ET viewing party / My Clara Bow Halloween Costume
On my way down the steps at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook / Yummy pea soup
A really funny totem pole at Goodwill / Our Daily Red = Punny Wine
Watching Matt wash the car from inside / Lazy Cat curled up on the couch


The Filth and the Fury




Whatcha Wearing?
Tank top from H&M / Flannel from Target
Levi's jeans from Crossroads Trading / Dr Martens Blake boots

Just to prove that it isn't all rainbows and lollipops vintage dresses and bright tights over here at Fiery Finish HQ, here's what I look like on a normal day of working at home. No makeup? Check. Cat hair all over my jeans? Check. Questionable pattern mixing? Double Check! Sometimes you just need to be messy and comfortable...

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How I'd Wear It: Sleeveless Plaid Dress




Whatcha Wearing?
Vintage dress available here in my Etsy shop
Blouse from Philly AIDS Thrift / Tie is actually a belt
Tights from H&M / Shoes from Buffalo Exchange

I like to call this style 'non-trashy schoolgirl', and to me the high priestess (headmistress?) of this look is Alexa Chung. Girlfriend pulls this look off so effortlessly so often. Can you tell I have a bit of a girl crush on her?

I just started layering blouses under dresses last fall and I think I have my Catholic upbringing to blame. After 12 years of Catholic school uniforms, this look just felt a bit too familiar! Now that I have some (a lot) of distance from those times, it's something I go to quite often as a way to remix dresses that I usually just layer with a cardigan. Hey, the more ways to wear one dress the better!

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Cut Your Hair



So the haircut and color from Vidal Sassoon wasn't as much of a dramatic change as I was expecting. I really thought I was going to walk out of there with a platinum blond asymmetrical pixie cut or something. Oh well, I really like the results regardless! The layered fringe is really fun and the subtle variations in color through the front make it really interesting and dynamic. Hopefully I'll have the professional photos sometime next week...I can't wait to see how they turned out! I had bright neon-colored makeup and a matching neoprene dress. Should be interesting!

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New in the Etsy Shop

Botanical Print Blazer
Magenta Striped Dress
Black & White Lace Mini Dress
Furry Cardigan Jacket
Removable Tie Secretary Blouse
White Floral Print Dress
Yellow Gingham Skirt
Knit Dress with Beaded Fringe
I have a bit of a grab bag of prints and textures for you this week! I especially love the fall botanical print on the blazer at the top. It's just so unusual, and the line work is really beautiful. Plus the buttons look like wood. Who wouldn't love a detail like that? 


Yer Blues




Whatcha Wearing?
Romeo and Juliet Couture top from American Way Thrift
Jeans from H&M / Boots from Steve Madden
Necklace from a garage sale / Bracelet from Beacon's Closet

Yesterday I went to a casting for a hair modeling job at Vidal Sassoon, and I had planned on wearing this outfit. When the time came to leave, it just didn't feel right so I changed. Do you ever do that? An outfit seems like it's going to be perfect, but something just doesn't seem to be working at that particular moment? In the end I decided to wear a dress. I just feel so much more comfortable, more myself in a dress and boots.

Anyway, I booked a job for Monday! I don't know what they're planning to do yet with the cut and color, but I hope it's a big change. I've been getting kind of bored with my hair lately. They'll also be doing a photo shoot, so hopefully I can get copies of the finished product to share here.

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How I'd Wear It: Gold Metallic Cardigan



Whatcha Wearing?
Vintage cardigan available here in my Etsy shop
Vintage top from Goodwill
BDG jeans from Crossroads Trading
Isabel Toledo for Payless shoes

I really love this cardigan. The cream and gold color palette is just so perfect for layering over different things. It looks great here keeping it neutral, but I think it would be just as nice (or maybe even nicer) layered over a bright dress. Wouldn't that be a cute holiday outfit? A bright red dress and this cardigan, maybe with a gold heel? I think that would be a really effective way to transition it from fall to winter!

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