At the Roller Disco





Whatcha Wearing?
Monki tank top from Beacon's Closet / Shorts from H&M
Tights from We Love Colors / Socks from American Apparel

We went roller skating on Saturday night, and this is what I wore! Little did I know that wearing tights under my socks would cause a huge blister to form on the bottom of my foot. Not cool. I also discovered that my skates are in serious need of some maintenance. I haven't actually skated in them in a few years, and things weren't rolling so smoothly! I'll have to do something about that...

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Year of the Snake





Whatcha Wearing?
Dress & sunglasses from H&M / Altama army boots from Goodwill
Free People vest from Crossroads Trading Co
Necklace was a gift from my mom / Bracelet from Target

Only one word can describe the weather on Saturday: GLORIOUS. We decided to make the most of the day by taking the train downtown to Chinatown for the Chinese New Year Parade and Festival. We had momentary flashbacks to NYC when our train was routed to shuttle buses because of weekend track work, but other than that it was a great way to spend a beautiful afternoon. We even had some tacos for lunch from one of the food trucks. I know we were in Chinatown, but tacos just sounded so good!

I bought this dress from H&M about 6 or 7 years ago and have been wearing it regularly through all four seasons ever since. It still looks as good as the day I brought it home! I love it when I find a piece of clothing that I never seem to get tired of, especially when I buy it new rather than second hand. That's a sign that you made a great purchase!

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How I'd Wear It: Cranberry Skirt




Whatcha Wearing?
Vintage skirt available here in my Etsy shop
Vintage blouse from Goodwill / Soda boots from Shoe Carnival

Well, you can add this to the list of items in my shop that I probably never should have tried on. It fits perfectly! This isn't really a style of skirt I would normally pick out for myself, but I have to say, I'm really liking it. Too bad it's already listed in the shop...someone better hurry up and buy it before I change my mind! Isn't the button detail down the front so much fun?

Happy Valentine's Day!


Weekend Casual




Whatcha Wearing?
Jacket and shoes from Salvation Army
BDG jeans from Buffalo Exchange / T-shirt from a truck stop in Colorado

Sometimes you just need to throw on a t-shirt and the most comfortable pair of jeans you own and call it a day. Perfect for a lazy Sunday around the house! I bought these maroon suede shoes a few weeks ago when I was in Cincinnati and this is the first time I've actually worn them. I'll have to start working them into my wardrobe more...I really like them!

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Pink and Red Valentine

70s pink floral dress
60s red velvet dress
80s magenta drop waist dress
70s sheer red polka dot dress
80s pink wrap dress
Vintage red woven purse

Here's a pretty collection of pink and red items from my shop, just in case you need a little Valentine's Day inspiration! Do you guys have any exciting plans for Thursday?


Winds of Change





Whatcha Wearing?
Vintage dress, sweater, and Altama boots from Goodwill
Vintage sunglasses from Day-Lab / Bag from H&M

It was SUPER windy yesterday at the beach, but I'm sure you figured that one out by looking at the photos. My hair was a bird's nest by the time we left! We were in Venice running an errand before the Super Bowl and it was such a beautiful day that we just had to stop down and look at the ocean for a bit. We've been having some pretty amazing, warm weather lately. Hopefully it'll stay this way for a while!