Back in the Saddle Again





Whatcha Wearing?
Shorts and bracelet from Target / Tank top from American Apparel 
Vintage cardigan from Buffalo Exchange / Boots from Shoe Carnival
Necklace from Beacon's Closet / Tights from Gap

So I took an unexpected leave of absence from the blogging world after I was hit by a car while riding my bike home from work last month. Wear your helmets kids! My helmet is the reason that the car's windshield was shattered, but my head remained in one piece. I figured it was time to start taking pictures again since I'm now healed up for the most part.

I actually wore this outfit last weekend to a friend's birthday celebration at a bar in Venice. I LOVE these shorts! They're lightweight and floaty and perfect to pair with tights or leggings. I bought them new at Target, so odds are you can snap them up at your local store. I highly recommend them.

I'm linking up with Thrifters Anonymous.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness.

    I am super glad you are on the mend. And back to blogging! How terrifying!!!!! You poor girl!

  2. Holy sh*t! I was wondering what happened to you! I thought you just got busy. Apparently, you almost died. o_O O_o Jesus.. I'm so glad you're OK! Looking at the photos above, you seem to be on the up and up. You look beautiful (as always). :P My favorite pieces are the necklace and those totally rad boots! <3

    Take it easy (Seriously, I mean it. Literally. Heh.) <3

    - Anna


  3. I am so glad you are ok! That is really scary...you Do look amazing though, I never would have guessed you had gone through a horrible event. You look great :):)

  4. I like how you always combine your color tights.

    1. Colorful tight are the best! I'm sad that summer is coming and I won't be able to wear them soon...