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Whatcha Wearing?
Dress from Buffalo Exchange / Tank from American Apparel
Bag from St Vincent de Paul / Hat from Atlantis Attic
Boots from Goodwill / Sunglasses from Nordstrom

When we went to our friends' wedding in Pennsylvania, we flew in and out of NYC so that we would have a couple of days to meet up with friends and just hang out in the city. Our last day there we spent some time in Midtown Manhattan, getting our favorite bagels and just wandering around. I had worked in the area for 6 years, but had never gone inside the main library on 42nd Street (where Ghostbusters was filmed)! It was soooo hot and humid out, so we stepped inside to get some relief in the a/c. It was very interesting, and I wish I had checked it out sooner. It would have been a great place for me to wander around during my lunch breaks...

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  1. Love the hat. I should check out that library too sometime.

  2. also, I want those shades!

  3. Love New York! And I love your hat!

  4. i never get bored of new york posts- and how cool that you worked there for so long! after reading this i instantly got cravings for a bagel, haha

    xo Marlen
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  5. I never get cravings for bagels in general, it's always a craving for Ess-a-Bagel specifically!

  6. This outfit is perfect! I really love how you tied the shirt a bit, but my favourite part is how you paired a relatively feminine look with the black boots. Do you find them too hot for summer though? That's always a concern of mine!


    1. Living in LA I got used to wearing boots with dresses all summer long since it doesn't get super hot where I live (near-ish to the beach). I'm not sure that I would have been any cooler in NYC if I'd been wearing sandals...the heat was beyond my feet being able to regulate it!